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Project Description

DEVHD is a Romanian software development and ITSM consultancy start-up. The company is specialized in delivering enterprise digital transformation solutions through the ServiceNow Platform.

To achieve desired outcomes for our clients, we provide a fresh perspective and a tailored innovative approach. Our start-up has three main objectives: building on the best innovation, aligning with the customer’s preferences and providing clarity for the clients.

In just over three years, Devhd grew at a fast pace. We have two offices, in Bucharest and Iasi, and more than 10 experienced ServiceNow professionals. Through its people, our start-up acquired more than six years of experience with ServiceNow and more than 10 years with ITSM.

In its years of existence, our start-up successfully delivered more than 50 ServiceNow Projects, completed more than 10 ServiceNow process implementations and built several custom ServiceNow applications.

Our mission is to enrich the digital transformation journey of remarkable businesses by delivering innovative, practical, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions through the ServiceNow Platform.

Your digital transformation journey starts here!

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