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Project Description

Mercedes-Benz is a German global automobile brand and a division of Daimler AG. The brand is known for its diverse portfolio of luxury passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.
Mercedes-Benz history began in 1886, when engineer Karl Benz invented the world’s first car. That pioneering moment opened the path for innovation and technology, which remains with us today.

Whether it is exploring ways to make motoring more sustainable with eMobility or pushing the boundaries of design and technology with future cars, innovation underpins everything Mercedes-Benz does. Since inventing the car, the company has never stopped reinventing it. Striving for THE BEST is not only culturally anchored in each and every human being, it is also the aspiration of Mercedes-Benz. As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz has its very own mythology: it is the brand’s innermost drive, its core, always to achieve the best results.

Mercedes-Benz’s motto, The best or nothing, reflects the high quality of the manufacturer’s products, as well as the work environment, driving each and every employee at Mercedes-Benz. The work environment is essential to the Mercedes-Benz success: always keen on going beyond themselves to surpass expectations, inspired by the team that they belong to, Mercedes-Benz employees are highly appreciated for their hard work. Moreover, the modern, colorful office spaces represent the perfect setting for a relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, each and every Mercedes-Benz employee has access to several professional and personal development opportunities. As an employer, Mercedes-Benz supports and awards performance and consistently invests towards an environment characterized by integrity, respect, tolerance and collaboration.

Mercedes-Benz Romania, part of the Daimler Group, is responsible for the import, marketing, and sales activities for Mercedes-Benz, smart, Fuso, and Setra brands, as well as for the coordination of a strong network of more than 35 authorized sales and service centers.
Mercedes-Benz Romania has been the number one brand in the premium passenger cars segment and the leader in the compact cars, limousines and SUVs for the past six years in a row. It has been the close connection that Mercedes-Benz is sharing with its customers that has allowed the company to stay the No. 1 premium auto brand in Romania for this long, and it is keen on preserving this legacy moving on.

Today, at Mercedes-Benz, we perfectly blend tradition and youth, attention to details and dynamism, in an innovative, forward-looking, world-shaping environment.
You are invited to meet us, get to know us and maybe even join our revolutionary team!

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